Monday, August 12, 2013

--Design Team Announcement--

Hello everyone, thank you for being so patient, it has been a most difficult task to go through the emails and make my selections for the Designers who will be inspiring you from September until January 0f 2014.  

Thank you to everyone who submitted.  It is still a thrill for me to see the awesome creations from around the world.  Without further adieu, here are the Designers who will be representing Sketchabilities and inspiring you for our next term:

Linda Langes - AUSTRAILIA

Erica Houghton - USA

Elvira Souza - BRAZIL

Libeeti Frenkel- ISREAL

Kasia Bogatko- POLAND

Carol Peixoto- BRAZIL

Doris Widder- USA

Baerbel Born - GERMANY

Denise E Sachet - BRAZIL

Dorota Dolega - FRANCE

Olga Ryzhkova -RUSSIA-returning

Kristin Greenwood- USA


Giorgia Rossini- ITALY  

Maria Shakova - RUSSIA

Li Conghui - USA

Annelie Maddock - NEW ZEALAND

I am taking a new direction with my sketches come next term so when visiting the  new designer blogs, you will find they were chosen for this very reason. 

 Please give them a warm welcome!



Congrats to all of you, I hope (not, I'm sure!) we will have a great time together :)
Thanks again Karan for this great opportunity!

Sketchabilities said...

Oh im sure we will have an awesome time, im looking forward to see what the new team will be doing with the new sketches...welcome everyone!

li-bee-ti said...

Thank you, Karan, for choosing me to this wonderful talented group of scrappers.
Welcome everybody and I'm looking forward to see your creations.

Denise Espindola said...

So happy to be part of this wonderful team.
Thank you so much Karan.


Kristin Michelle said...

so excited to be on this team!! congrats to all the other girls!

Carol Peixoto said...

So excited! Yay! Great to be part of this team!

Lynn said...

Congrats to the new team! I'm excited to see what everyone creates with the fabulous sketches!! Big hugs to Carol!

mamaLeka said...

Congratulations to the new team! really looking forward to the beginning of the new season on a great new sketches!!! Thanks for choosing me again, Karan!

dlwidder said...

Congrats to the new team! I look forward to working with all of you talented ladies and am so thrilled with the gorgeous sketches we get to be inspired by!

Monica said...

Congrats ladies!!!

Sura said...

Congrats ladies!

Nata I. said...

замечательная сильнейшая команда!поздравляю всех мастеров!
вдохновения вам и радостей творчества! Оля и Маша, от душ поздравляю вас!))))

elvira souza said...

Parabéns a todas!
Estou muito feliz em dividir essa alegria com vocês.

Erica said...

So excited to be part of the team!! :)

Maria said...

I am very pleased to be a great team! Karan, thank you! Your sketches are wonderful, it's a great inspiration!

Wilma Voermans said...

Gratulations to the new team!

Bärbel Born said...

I am thrilled to have been chosen to play with the sketches! The bunch of awesome ladies working with them is such an inspiration! Thank you Karan for the opportunity! Baerbel

ahappyscramper said...

Looking forward to getting started:) There's some awesome sketches on the way for you girls:)You won't be disappointed:)

Charllie Gee said...

Congrats and i am looking forward to see you guys ..and make sketchabilities a wonderful place you scrap with sketches

Song Li said...

Thank you guys. It's my honor to be one of the member.

Rita said...

congrats girls!!!
Brava Jò :)

Carol Peixoto said...

Oh, Lynn! Big hugs to you too!

Iris said...


christina said...

Congratulation ladies!Can't wait to see your creations!

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